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...chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter,
and snicker doodle whoopie pies
from Coco Love...
like tiny sandwiches of sweetness and love!

— Joy, ohJoy!

photo by Oh Joy

go Magazine Cover Story: The Great Food Hunt
-searching for the origins of the whoopie pie

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10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake
When it comes to wedding desserts,
couples are breaking the mold (the cake
mold, that is) and serving distinctive
treats that reflect their taste and style.

FOOD BY coco love homemade


“This Philly-based confectionery venture is an anomaly in the world of sweet treats. Neither a cupcake nor a cookie, these lovely delights defy definition. Beautiful edibles are made with love and by the hand of the cookie gods, because I'll tell you... I have never looked at sweets the same after trying one of coco love's whoopie pies."
-Amy B., B. Hungry

“Is the cupcake trend already
so 2010? Maybe, if the updated
whoopie pies baked by the new
local baking company coco love
homemade have anything to do
with it. These addictive
treats are more dainty and
more deliciously intense than
the classics.”
LaBan, Elizabeth.
"Whoopie pie redux."
Philadelphia Inquirer
10 Feb. 2011, F5.

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“Let me tell you… I’m a cookie connoisseur, and [the earle] is one fine cookie.”
–Johnny Cupcakes.

"Can’t wait to taste [your whoopie pies] again…"
-Craig LaBan, Restaurant Critic and Drink Columnist,
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"There is a debate in my house about which whoopie pie
is best (if you had to choose)!"
-Elizabeth LaBan, freelance writer

"I love [the whoopie pie] because
it's a well-designed
icing delivery device,"
said Lindsey Love, owner of
Philadelphia-based coco love
–Pompilio, Natalie.
"Whoopie pies." Philadelphia Daily News 16 Feb. 2011, 32.

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“Those signature cookies
are the most delicious
cookies I’ve ever tasted.”
– SD

“If you’re a Philadelphia local or
just visiting, you have to try coco love.”
–Tina Wells,
CEO and founder of Buzz Marketing Group

“The cookies are amazing!”

"Thanks again for everything,
[my husband] really loved
the treats and said it was
an 'awesome v-day gift'." –SW

“I love everything you make!” –VP

“[The pbm whoopie pie is] un-freaking-believably
delicious! A classic combo, perfectly executed.”
-Felicia D'Ambrosio,
Yelp Philly Community Manager